New Shipping Capability, Yeah!!!

New Shipping Capability, Yeah!!!

One of the biggest issues we've faced with a rural business is the cost and availability of a variety of shipping options . . . both for incoming and outgoing parcels. I am a firm believer that there's a silver lining to everything, just sometimes I need to look hard to see it. For the past couple weeks I have felt pretty much paralyzed by the Canada Post strike. I simply didn't know what to do to get folks the orders that continued to come in daily. 

Finally, in desperation last evening, I remembered to check out the shipping service that is part of my Costco membership (I purchase some key non-locally available ingredients at Costco :-) ). Anyway, I was cautiously optimistic that it would be a good solution. I did a couple of test shipments and lo and behold, the pricing was in line with Canada Post, (my main shipper till now) and the delivery times were great, too. 

So, today Monica and I got to work and prepped all of the orders to go out tomorrow via Canpar. It felt great, it felt unbelievable, and it felt like I was forgetting something (e.g., putting the parcels in my car to get to the post office!). Anywhoooo, here we are with a new shipping reality thanks to adversity. :-)

I am beyond grateful to all of you patient folks who chose to place an order not knowing when it would arrive, but trusting we would figure it out. I am beyond grateful, too, to finally have an option that will work really well for our rural business.

In closing, for now our free shipping policy and shipping rates will remain the same. Please visit for all the details. As I learn more about the ShipTime system and various options and costs we will roll out other options for you to choose from (e.g., faster delivery, etc.).



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  • Leigh - The Soap Company of Nova Scotia Ltd.

    Mar 14, 2019

    Leigh - The Soap Company of Nova Scotia Ltd.

    Hi Howard, thanks very much for getting in touch. Please give me a shout at 902-522-2114 to discuss further what Canada Post can do. Have a super day! Leigh :-)

  • Howard Rake

    Mar 14, 2019

    Howard Rake

    Hi Leigh and staff, I am on the commercial side of the ECOMMERCE fence and it would be interesting to compare those of Canpar to commercial CPC like those of Amazon, Best Buy, etc. I would be happy to assist you in saving more and improving your customers delivery experience. After All, we deliver to 16 million addresses daily with over 645 post offices so your customers in rural routes and POBoxes aren’t left waiting for delivery
    Regards, Howard

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