"Helping you feel content . . .”

Leigh created The Soap Company of Nova Scotia Ltd. to help others feel content naturally and simply one handcrafted, small-batch product at a time for family, pets and home.  Learn more about her story here . . . 

Bar Shampoo 101

Leigh jumps in the shower to demo first-hand how easy it is to use a shampoo bar!

What are People Saying?

I am obsessed with the unscented shampoo bar! It leaves my hair so soft and clean. I don't know how I ever lived without it! Thank you Leigh!

Melanie W. from PEI

The shampoo bar has a really nice thick lather. I had the unscented version and I find that actually smells pretty good. 

My hair felt very healthy and cleansed. To my surprise, it did not dry my hair out like other bars I used. I was told to give it a few tries in order for my hair/head to adjust but I can already see that this is a winner!

Jen P. from Nova Scotia

This is the greatest stuff! Especially the stain removal bar! My daughter got a new unicorn sweatshirt from her Nan and ended up getting mustard all over it the first day, I used the stain removal bar and it took the stain right out!

The same for my middle son's t-rex shirt that he had a nosebleed on, used the stain removal bar, washed as normal, and there was no stain!

Really impressed, I won't be buying any other stain removal products again, I'll be a The Soap Company customer for life now!

Adrienne R.

I've tried a few products so far, laundry powder, soap, shampoo and deoderant. Everything is amazing!

... So pleased! Thank you so much!!

Trisha K.