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Why We Do What We Do

As a baby in 1962 I was brought to my ancestral home on the beautiful Eastern Shore of Nova Scotia. In the years following I spent many happy summers here with my force of nature great grandmother, Nanny Baw. How I loved our times together . . . going off to swim and bike with my cousins, learning how to play cards like a proper shark from Nanny and her cool old lady friends, becoming skilled at handicrafts and cooking from scratch, and every night tucking into my cozy feather bed with the little green transistor radio ❤ Continue . . .

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Let go to let in . . .

If you had asked me three weeks ago whether or not our logo would ever change I woulda answered with a resounding, "Never!" I simply could not imagine that ever happening or what that would look like. 

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The Sea Water Collection

We go to the sea to clear our heads, looking out at the vastness, feeling the breeze on our faces as waves roll over our feet . . . that spirit is in each of these bars.

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