Face & Body Cream ~ Lavender

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Kim Hobbs
Lavender cream

Love it. Just the right amount of scent and it absorbs so well. Thank you for the replacement. I’m still loving the deodorant, it’s amazing. I’ll be looking at some bar soap in the near future, so I’ll be making another order soon. Thank you again.

Hi Kim,

Thank you for your review of our Lavender Cream :) We're so grateful you enjoy it and the deodorant! When customers are happy we do happy dances :)

Please check your email for a coupon code from us to thank you for your review!

Be Well,

Anna & the Soap Pro Team

Trish Schreiber
Lavender soap container

The pump bottles do not seem to work that well...or I still don't have the hang of it. I preferred the creme in the tubs as it seems to be more consistent in texture....its still great creme!!

Hi Trish!

Thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts about the new pump bottle. We'd love to sort this out to make sure your experience is positive. I'm wondering if maybe the pump is defective? Could you please try one of your other bottles to see if it does the same thing?

Depending on the results we will either send you a replacement pump or enough of the 8 ounce jars for you to decant the cream into. And if it is the case that the pump is okay, in future simply indicate when you reorder that you'd prefer a jar and we will make that happen :-)

Our goal is always to make things right and we greatly appreciate your help in first letting us know there is an issue and then trouble shooting to get to a solution. :-)

And finally, please check your email for a coupon from us to thank you! Be well, Leigh and the Soap Pro team <3