Laundry Powder ~ Citrus

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Heather Burlingham

Haven't used it yet

The ONLY laundry powder my husband will use!

My hubby actually does our laundry. And he is a super-fan of everything - but especially the laundry powder (and the deodorants, he swears by). I LOVE that he does the laundry - so I happily keep him stocked up :) It's a win-win!

Judy Dauphinee
Pure and Simple

We are very conscientious in our household about creating a healthy and safe environment for our family. After trying multiple eco friendly detergents I was thrilled to find the Citrus Laundry Powder. It is easy to use, and our laundry is always clean with a lemon fresh smell … pure and simple!

Dawn MacKay
The Best!

I've used your Choice laundry detergent for a long time now. Not only does it make our clothes clean with a hint of freshness, I particularly appreciate the packaging- zero waste, zero plastic headed for the landfill. Thank you for helping to take care of our world!

Hi Dawn,

Please forgive me for the much delayed response.

Thank you for your review of our laundry powder. It's now coming in a new look, and new packaging! We are constantly working to reduce the impact to our environment - which led us to our new boxes that are both recyclable AND compostable, with a thin plastic bag inside that is recyclable!

Please check your email for a gift from us in thanks for your reviews :)

Be well,

Anna & The Soap Pro Team!

Heather Kearney
A little dab'll do ya!

Not only is the laundry soap a great addition to my laundry room for washing clothes, but it's a quick, easy fix for hand washing out my reusable masks! 😷 I used less than half a teaspoon, swirled it in a bowl with warm water, dropped the masks in-- one at a time-- and watched the water go from clear to cloudy, probably in less than a minute, with no harsh chemicals. Rinsed the masks under the tap and hung them to dry. I bought the 2.5 kg bag and am happy that this is the last bag of laundry powder I'll have to buy for quite some time, because just a little dab'll do ya!

Good afternoon Heather :)

Thank you for your review of our Choice Laundry Powder & the super-helpful tutorial on mask washing! I'm doing a happy dance knowing that it has worked so well for you :-)

Please check your email for a coupon code from us to thank you for your review!

Be well,
Leigh & the Soap Pro Team