We're starting this page off with the most frequently asked question. Over time we will add to this page and we invite you to send questions to us via this handy form :-)

Question 1.  Do you use palm oil? If so, in what products and how is it harvested?

Answer 1a: No. There is no palm oil in our 3-in-1 bars (shampoo, shave, soap) or in the beer shampoos. There is also no palm oil in our bath and foot soaks, deodorant, Bum Balm, cream or body oils. 

Answer 1b: Yes. We make all of our soaps and pet shampoo with vegetable shortening from Bunge, which is a mixture of soybean oil and palm oil, that is sustainably harvested (we are so glad!). Our Pure & Simple Soap is part of our Choice Laundry Powder, so it includes palm oil, too.

Additional information: We contacted Bunge several years back to express our concern (and your's :-) ) about their palm oil policy. We were very pleased to learn that they had a policy in place for sourcing sustainably harvested palm oil. Plus, even more pleased to see they have evolved and improved it over the years. 

Please visit the link below to read Bunge's policy.

Please visit the link below to read Bunge's RSPO Submission

To sum up: Every ingredient is provided in plain language on every product on this web site. We also include every ingredient on our labels. It is very important to us to be transparent and we value this question :-)