What we're all about . . .

Good morning! I'm very happy to have this new site up and running. The foundation is in place now for much new content to come, including this blogging section. I thought it'd be useful to launch this blog with what guides us every day . . . our vision, mission and values.

Vision - My purpose in life is to be content and help others be content, too, which is at the heart of my business vision, "To help others feel content naturally and simply . . . one handcrafted, small-batch product at a time for your family, your pets and your home." I am blessed to do this work from my studio at Cherry Hill on the beautiful Eastern Shore of Nova Scotia in Canada. Here the Atlantic Ocean crashes onto the shore and the nights are so dark when it's cloudy that you can't even see your hand before your face . . . it is the home of my heart and I am content to be here. <3

Mission - It is also a place from where many head west for work and I am committed to reversing that flow . . . to using our natural personal and home care products as an economic engine to fulfill our mission to create at least 10 meaningful full-time jobs here in this special place. I am most grateful to the many folks in our soapy community who are making this a reality!

Values - These are the five core values that we strive to honour every single day:

1. Accessibility - Products that are affordable for regular, ongoing use, and easy to get locally, nationally and internationally

2. Positivity - Products made with love and conscious thought about who will use them, the effects they can have and the contentment they can create

3. Integrity - Products you can trust that have honest, complete and plain language ingredient lists, which are made in an environmentally conscious way

4. Simplicity - Products made and packaged by the KISS principle (keep it simple silly!), with all bars hand stirred and poured . . . a key energy connection between makers and users :-)

5. Community - Respect and support for customers, staff, suppliers, service providers, folks and organizations in our wider community . . . these relationships are the bedrock of The Soap Company of Nova Scotia Ltd. <3 <3 <3