Tis the season of MUD

It's early Spring here on the Eastern Shore of Nova Scotia... and boy is my washing machine tired! 

We really value outside time in our family. Early March we had some absolutely frigid weather (minus 40 Celcius with the windchill). While we are generally prepared for up to minus 25... I was NOT prepared for minus 40 haha! Why am I talking about mud and minus 40 in the same story? Well, because of my cheeky Mr. 8 year old :)

The morning we woke that was so frigid we hunkered down for a day of games inside by the fire. Mr. 8 year old was not very pleased to be staying inside and parroted back to me what I often say to all of our kids... "But Maman! You always say there is no such thing as bad weather, only inappropriate clothing!". We both had a great laugh as I explained that's correct - but we don't have appropriate clothing for minus 40!

Fast forward to now where it's frozen one day and absolute mud pits the next. Both at home, school, work, riding lessons, and everywhere in between. 

For our younger two we have water proof outer suits (we use the brand called Muddy Buddy) that go on over their warm, dry outerwear and keeps the mud on the outside layer - which I can just hose off and leave in the back porch until next time <3 

Our older two don't fit in these suits anymore so we make due with splash pants and lots of laundry. 

Thank goodness for our laundry powder. It's seen us successfully removing all sorts of stains, in every phase of parenthood we've hit so far, for over a decade! 


How do you deal with all the mud this season brings? If Spring doesn't bring mud where you are, what does it bring?