How Foot Fixer came to be... and the thought processes that have brought us here <3

Hi everyone, 

Anna here <3 For those that don't know me, I'm the Soap Maker's daughter (turned soap maker herself). Mother to 4 of the Soapy Test Grand Babies & someone who enjoys a slower pace of doing things (as opposed to technology and all that fun stuff). Yes. I'm writing this on a computer ;) Isn't life funny like that?! 

I'm working from home today while the hard working line folks of Nova Scotia Power replace a pole as routine maintenance that has the power out at our factory. In preparing a social media post about our Foot Fixer, I figured it was probably time to share how our Foot Fixer came to be. 

Since our fire in 2021 we have moved A LOT. Only 2 buildings, but within our current building we first got in, got set up & back to work, THEN reimagined how to use the space... a time or ten haha! As a result we keep reorganizing & changing. What never changes is our adherence to safety, quality & products you can trust. 

Our amazing Sheena was hard at work making skincare right after a move & accidentally used baking soda instead of corn starch. We were left with a double batch of skincare that we needed to determine what to do with. 

We will never sell something unsafe. We examine every batch... of every thing... for quality to ensure it meets our standards. 

We also don't want to throw away and/or trash things for being just like us... perfectly imperfect. 

This is how wonky bars were born. They may look a little funky, might not fit the soap boxes just right, weight might not be "ideal", they might be a couple odd ends that fit in a box, but they are perfectly useful, functional & made with excellent ingredients & love.  

This is also how our Foot Fixer was born. 

When we looked at the ingredients - we realized that the balm that was created would be incredibly soothing & moisturizing & had the potential to help with smells (as feet so often can get) thanks to the baking soda. 

We had some trusty folks give it a test, tweaked a few things & voila - Foot Fixer became available to the public. 

Here's what customers have to say:

Wow, you really only need a little bit. It goes on smooth and absorbs well without a greasy feeling. Absolutely softens the feet. I will continue to buy this product. -Lisa

Soothing! It’s wonderful. My poor feet have been suffering and from my first soak, improvement is happening. -Em

We are a company that believes in people FIRST. From our team to our customers & all the beautiful folks in between who ensure we have the ingredients, packaging, advertising, & shipping set ups to get your goodies to you. 

Cheers to happy accidents & the folks who share about them,