Earth Day 2023 – Invest in Our Planet

I wasn’t certain where to go with this blog post that Megan’s been asking for, so I googled what the theme was for Earth Day this year.

The theme for 2023? Invest in Our Planet

So impactful.

As a family I feel we invest in our planet by making the choice to buy used where we can, to reinvent and reimagine what we have to better suit our needs (I am part way through a super fun and challenging dresser overhaul that will feature sea glass and sea pottery finds from last year on the top – pictures to follow whenever I get it done haha!). We also make choices to support companies that have ethics that align with ours, even though the cost is sometimes higher.

We also really prioritize being outside and exploring this beautiful province we call home <3

The other night our oldest went out to swing in the hammock. I thought she’d already come in – colour me shocked when she burst in the back door what felt like hours later. What had she done the whole time? Tromped through the woods, climbed rocks, and then fell asleep in the hammock! Not hard to tell it’s not **quite** black fly season yet!

I am thoroughly convinced that by raising kiddos who LOVE our planet, we’ll raise kiddos who choose to foster and care for Earth to the very best of their abilities. Kids who grow to be adults who choose to do differently than I have, based on the information they have available at the time.

Do differently. That’s a turn of phrase I recently heard from a wise community member, Tobias Clarke. It has stuck with me, because it is both a revelation and a call to action.

Every single person can do SOMETHING differently to Invest in Our Planet. 

Maybe you purchase in season, local produce instead of imported produce.

Maybe you walk, bike or scooter somewhere once a week instead of driving – regardless of whether your vehicle is electric, gas or diesel.

Maybe you purchase your next outfit at a second hand store or from a buy and sell.

Maybe you share a treat or meal with a neighbour instead of having it go to waste in the back of your fridge.

Maybe you transition to less plastic or no plastic packaging for your personal care or household cleaning products.

I could go on and on… but I’d much rather hear – what will you do differently to Invest in Our Planet?