Vitamin Sea ~ Year Round

I grew up with this vision of beaches being for summer and when my spouse and I moved to the idyllic outskirts of Sherbrooke, NS our children certainly had the same thoughts. They were SO EXCITED to go swimming in February …


They got a bit of a reality check last winter going to the beach with me collecting water for our soap making on the coldest of cold days.


Fast forward to our second winter here this year – we now wear snow suits (and yes, we still splash in the water haha!)


The sea calls to them the same way it does me. The sting of the cold salty air mixed with the rolling or crashing of the waves plus the added sunlight on our faces seems to quiet the busy ones, calm the anxious ones, and restore each of us – no matter our state of mind before going.

We call it our required doses of vitamin sea ❤ Year round ❤


I hope you find what calms your soul today!

~ Anna