Soft Water = Soothing Soap

Happy soap lady on a frosty day!

It's a soap-making day!!! First, I need water & that comes from the stream running by our old studio . . . so, out to Port Hillford I went with my earmuffs (brrr!!) & water containers.

Oh no! The stream was frozen over!! But, a big old thump broke the ice and the 5-gallon cans got filled up. 

It was wonderful to return to the brook & as you can see, the process is pretty low tech!

Heart-shaped opening in the frozen brook by the studio

Oh, something wonderful! . . . There were deer tracks on the ice across the brook . . . I just ❤ this connection between us & the deer . . . the very same water helps all of us to be content 🙂

Soft water makes for beautiful soap, so back to the studio with my haul, but not before taking a pic of the heart-shaped opening in the stream 🙂 ❤ ❤ ❤