Keep Cochrane Hill Whole & Protect Our Water

Joining Our Voices to Protect Our Water

When I started this company five years ago I decided that the first & most important cause we would grow to take on would be protecting our water. Without water none of us has anything . . . it is the thing that binds us globally, that makes up most of every single one of us, that sustains all manner of life on this precious planet we call Earth.

The time for me to step on my soap box to publicly speak for this resource that cannot speak for itself is NOW. Earlier this year my consciousness was awakened about the risk to our local waterways by the massive gold mine proposed for development at Cochrane Hill. Yesterday I joined with a group of over 50 like-minded individuals to publicly, peacefully loudly state what we wanted . . . Clean water for OUR children, Clean water for THEIR children, Clean water for FOREVER.

Thank you CBC Nova Scotia for sharing this story today. As time goes on I will create a space on our web site on this topic with information on how you, too, can help. Together I believe we can Keep Cochrane Hill Whole!!! ❤ ❤ ❤ Leigh