Why Wonkies?!

Why Wonkies?!

We feel a great responsibility to future generations to treat our environment well. A large part of that is reducing waste where it is safe to do so <3

As such, when we had bars that didn’t pass our quality control measures for their appearance, we set them aside knowing we would figure out what to do with them when inspiration struck.

We tried selling bags of them at various in person markets, and while they sold well we struggled to predict which combinations would sell best.

We donated them from time to time, though struggled with ensuring they were labelled well.

Then, when we grew our team, we had QUITE a lot pile up all at once. So. Many. Bars.

As there are so many variables in our hand pouring process, it takes some practice to get the pouring, molding, cutting & traying down pat! Even when a whole batch is “perfectly imperfect” we will have 4 ends leftover to contend with 😉

Sheena & I have completely opposite ways of speaking about the exact same thing, haha! We regularly invest quite a pile of time (and a whole lot of laughter) trying to talk through a challenge, only to figure out we were both saying the same thing the whole time! At some point in our prior factory we came to the conclusion that we could solve the labelling challenge by using our soap boxes! We simply needed to add a “WONKY” label so they stood out from the standard bars. We sell our wonky products for a savings of AT LEAST 50% - saving our customers a bundle, while also preventing the bars from going to waste! A win, win!

Customers went wild for them online (sometimes wonky bars are even higher in weight, sometimes slightly under & sometimes there are multiple smaller bars in the 1 box). What’s always consistent though is the great quality, care, attention & value that goes into each product <3

As we added mini bars in our new factory, Sheena had the epiphany of also doing a bulk bag of wonkies & we offer slightly misshapen bath bombs, too!

As our Founder & CEO Leigh says, the only constant is change. She even got the C tattooed on her hand as a reminder <3