$1754 ~ $910 ~ $790 - What does this all mean???

We're past the halfway mark in our 30-day campaign to launch the "Be a Soap Star" Program and the results are terrific! Here are the stats:

  • $1754 - Raised to help folks in difficult circumstances feel content, wow!!!!
  • $910 - Gift cards awarded to date - 2 x $200 and 17 x $30, yeah!!!
  • $790 - Gift cards yet to be won - 2 x $200 and 13 x $30, not too late!!!

Still time to win & give in doing so!!! Daily draws continue until June 15 and there's still lots of opportunity to win a $200 gift card! Check out below for more info on why this all matters :-)

So why is is such a big deal? When I started The Soap Company of Nova Scotia Ltd. I carefully considered how to pay it forward as we scaled up, while honouring our value of "accessibility" (products that are affordable for regular, ongoing use and easy to get).

I thought about folks who don't have much due to circumstance, though still deserve the dignity of feeling good in their own skin. So, I decided we would give products to shelters and food banks, starting locally while we figure out how to run the program. Then, when we get it sorted out, we'll scale up and expand.

Why Soap Star?  We've developed a lingo to describe the various folks in our soapy community. There are Soap Pros (who work in the business) and Soap Fans (who support us greatly by using our products). Then there are the Soap Stars who fall into three categories:

  1. Those who spread the word about our products and business
  2. Folks who share our products with other people
  3. Retailers who make our products available in their shops

This current campaign is focused on #1. How? We are adding $1 to the "Be a Soap Star" Program fund for every single tag that our Facebook and Instagram community members post. In the first 16 days alone that added up to $754 dollars!

How can you help and possibly win, too? Join in on Facebook and Instagram and follow the directions on the daily video. We ask that you tag no more than 10 people per comment (trying to strike a balance), though please do feel free to create multiple comments :-)  There are daily and weekly draws and no restrictions on how many times you enter! The winners so far are:

$200 Gift Card Winner for Week 1 - Samie Stewart

$200 Gift Card Winner for Week 2 - Anne Stull

$30 Gift Card Winners:

  • Penny Sharpe
  • Krista MacKenzie Copp
  • Susan Gilfoy
  • Teresa MacLean
  • Jane Peters
  • Kimberly Peiffer
  • Toni Dennis
  • Samie Stewart (two-time winner, wow!)
  • Sarah Berry
  • Diane Berry
  • Melodie Reid
  • Cassie LaMonaca
  • Kelsey McManaman
  • Tanya Penney
  • Kim Boutlier
  • Heather Snow
  • Adrinnea Smith

Good luck in the draws, thank you for your support, and bless you for helping to spread the soap love and create contentment for all . . . <3 <3 <3