What happens to Bees Wax before it even gets to us?!

If you've never seen uncleaned beeswax you may be surprised to see just how ** ummm ** dirty it is! I know I was! 

Our supplier shared a photo and it blew my mind how much work MUST go into turning the raw material into the beautiful golden yellow, sweet smelling product they share with us to use. 

I went on a quest to learn the steps (and hope to someday get a chance to try them out!). 

Here's what I learned...

1. Boil the honeycomb (some folks suggest putting the honeycomb in cheese cloth to make filtering easier). The honeycomb is done boiling down when no more wax can be squeezed out of it

2. Pour the boiled waxy water into deeper dishes so the dirt can sink to the bottom, water in the middle and wax on top

3. Take the wax off the top once it's cooled. This is still dirty. Melt in a clean double boiler and pour through a filter. 

4. Repeat step 3 until you're satisfied with how clean the wax is, then cool in your preferred molds. 


Phew! Sounds simple enough! I suspect though that like anything simple, the details matter all that much more <3

Thank you to all the bee keepers out there - your efforts to care for these special creatures are felt by every single one of us - even when we don't know it!


Now why is beeswax fascinating to me when it comes to The Soap Company of Nova Scotia? Well, it's an ingredient we use in our Face & Body Cream, Face & Body Lotion, Foot Fixer, Bum Balm and Hand Fixer <3 

We proudly purchase our beeswax from Cornect Family Farm - another Nova Scotia family company who we are grateful to know!

What ingredients would you like to learn about?!