Atlantic Ocean Water?! Why?!

We often get asked why we use sea water in our bars of soap <3

While the reasons are plentiful my favourite reasons are the romantic ones!

I get to start my weeks grounded, with time at the beach – in all the weather of all the seasons.

We firmly believe in the connection that occurs with folks using our bars. Connection to us as the soap makers, to those who sell our products, & of every person who uses a bar to the power of the Atlantic Ocean where the salt water comes from.

Some days I head to the beach solo, taking in a few moments to be grounded and centered alone. Others I head to the beach with one or two of my children, taking in a stroll and chat, connecting as we go before getting our salt water for the factory.

Some days the whole family joins & we have a real adventure before working together to lug all the buckets of salt water up to the vehicle.

Every. Single. Time. It’s exactly what I need in the moment to be the best version of myself. The common ground?! Vitamin sea <3