Let go to let in . . .

Old Logo - New Logo

If you had asked me three weeks ago whether or not our logo would ever change I woulda answered with a resounding, "Never!" I simply could not imagine that ever happening or what that would look like. 

Well, seems I still had some lessons to learn from the experience of the fire last November. That was a change I could not control and yet, one that I embraced fully . . . after all, what other choice did I have?

Three weeks ago I was challenged head on by my group of incredible colleagues in entrepreneurship to change . . . to consider a big, big, big change. One that frightened me to bits and one that I couldn't even fathom how to accomplish . . . to change the look and feel of the company entirely. 

Why? Cause what I had created to date, though functional, was standing in the way of effectively presenting our products to a wider audience, which is crucial to allowing us to grow and evolve in order to help many more people feel great in their skin.

Enter my dear friend and incredibly talented entrepreneur and designer, Melanie Wildman, Founder & CEO of Nutracelle. Over the past four years Melanie has gotten to know me and my company very well, and she combined that knowledge with her talent for design and branding to thoughtfully guide me through the process of reimagining the entire look and feel of my company. 

I trust Melanie explicitly, which has made this potentially frightening process really peaceful. Sure, there is still a tonne of work to do in actually rolling out the results of her efforts . . . absolutely! However, it is doable and I am so excited to get going on the project starting with the launch of our brand new logo. 

Indeed, I got there :-) Mel kept the heron, which is so important to me as it represents my dad, Harry, and is how he is part of every bit of the company. She drew one with confidence and a bit of attitude, which I love! Then she encircled it in a hug, which kept the moon-like background and added a tonne of positive feeling and warmth. 

To say I am delighted is an understatement. I am absolutely in love with this new design and so, so, so happy to have a look that is so much easier to work with, as well! 

Thanks so much, Melanie xoxo Leigh