Raising the Bar—One Soap at a Time

Creating Meaningful Work in Rural Nova Scotia

It’s a story many people in Atlantic Canada have experienced first-hand…we or our loved ones feel forced to find work outside of our province. This unfortunate pattern of out migration to central and western Canada has been trending for some time, and its negative effects on the community and the economy are especially felt in rural areas. 

I’m no stranger to this phenomenon. Recently, my son, William, left Nova Scotia for seasonal work in the Alberta oilfields…this wasn’t the first time. A decade of his life from 18-28 was spent away from home. By choosing to work outside of his home province, William is making sacrifices, including missing precious moments with his wife, two young kids and extended family at home. 

The good news? It doesn’t need to be this way! 

I was absolutely determined to come home, and by creating this viable business, I’m now able to live a meaningful life on the East Coast of Canada. Not only that…my business helps support other people and their families, too.

Ten Meaningful Full-time Jobs by 2023 

As the founder of this business, I’m working hard to create new economic activity in rural Nova Scotia. I’m passionate about rural economic development and I’m committed to creating at least 10 meaningful full-time jobs by 2023. 

I urge people to reconsider their perception that there is limited work in the region. We can create our own opportunities—and we are! There’s no shortage of talent on the East Coast. We just need to think more creatively, strategically and—most importantly—positively to make the most of this talent. Expanding businesses like mine provide a diversity of hands-on experiences for the folks working to grow them . . . they are empowered to influence their own career paths and help build the business so that even more people can work close to home and loved ones. 

Businesses like The Soap Company of Nova Scotia Ltd. are bringing hope and strength to rural communities. Thanks in part to the “shop local” movement, people are supporting each other’s enterprises in droves, building each other up within the local economy. 

More meaningful jobs = more people doing more of what they love right here at home with the people they love. <3 

Based on Nova Scotia’s beautiful Eastern Shore, The Soap Company of Nova Scotia Ltd. recognizes the incredible opportunities here at home and the critical need to support people in rural communities. We’re more than a soap company. We’re an advocate for Nova Scotia and the people who want to live and work here.

Leigh <3 as told to Jessica who so capably captured my meaning :-)