A Little Local Love to bring folks home <3

Anyone who truly knows my Mum, Leigh, knows she is a force of nature who sets her sights on a goal and makes it happen.

When she founded our company she had a BIG vision to bring her kids home to rural Guysborough County, and the best way she could see to do that was to build the economy – one bar of soap at a time.

Over the years our technique and batch sizes have evolved but one thing that stands strong is our commitment to supporting local whenever possible – like when choosing where to purchase our ingredients.

For example, our honey comes from Cornect Family Farm.  Margaret has been beyond accommodating to us with our odd pickup time requests (Leigh is often on the road during hours the rest of us are sleeping), and comes through in a pinch whenever we miss ordering with notice. On top of that – she’s a genuine and kind person who shares the knowledge of her craft with ease, comfort and a smile and her passion for what she does is unmatched.

Using Cornect Family Farm honey allows us to incorporate a little local love into our Honey & Oatmeal soap, Happy Honey Pet Shampoo and our Honey Bath Soak.

How do we use honey in a bath soak you might ask?! Well, we dehydrate it! Then the dehydrated honey is whizzed up with the other ingredients leaving flecks of golden sunshine and a sweet dessert like smell (no scent is added, so we do consider this unscented) in this beautiful luxurious soak <3

PS… Mum manifested with accuracy… my brother and I along with our families live here in the Sherbrooke area 😉

What ways do you support local?

Looking forward to reading your replies <3