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Billie Mae
Save my skin

I've been using these products since 2012. I suffered from plaque psoriasis and it was getting worse. Prescription creams weren't helping. Thankfully for me, Leigh's products came to the rescue. My favourite bars are lavender, honey and pat and cocoa butter.


Great value, Canadian, and wonderful scents!

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Lynn Smith
Love my cocoa butter/moisture bars

The best for soft nourished skin. And at the ‘wonky’ price give it a try. I have very dry diabetic skin and for me it works wonders. I use the oil on my skin after my shower also.

Hi Lynn,

Thanks for your review of our Wonky priced bars, specifically the Cocoa Butter Moisture Bar and our head to toe oils.

Everyone deserves to feel good in their skin, thanks for sharing that we're able to help you with that!

Be well,

Anna & the Soap Pro Team

Kaytland Smith
Great deal for fantastic soap!

My kids are monsters and seem to destroy bars of soap (half convinced they are deconstructing the soap as some sort of tub-time game), so having a “cheaper” alternative is a blessing. They get a high quality, non-irritating, beautiful smelling soap while I can save a dollar or two. I still buy the perfect bars for the guests space, but for my little soap-eating-monsters a wonky bar does the trick!

Good morning Kaytland,

Thank you for the giggle with my coffee, and your reality check for expecting parents ;)

We're so glad you're enjoying the wonky deals... and as a guest I have to say, I'd be content with a wonky, too!

Please check your email for a coupon to say thank you for your review :)

Be well,

Anna & the Soap Pro Team

Wonky beauty!

Yes same great soap and will be buying again. Love this stuff and love its local from NS. :)

Thank you so much Kim!

Sometimes wonkies are a little smaller, a little bigger, a little rounder, etc - but they are always great value and the same wonderful soap <3 So glad you're enjoying our wonky bars :)

Be well,

Anna & the Soap Pro Team