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Lynn Smith
Love my cocoa butter/moisture bars

The best for soft nourished skin. And at the ‘wonky’ price give it a try. I have very dry diabetic skin and for me it works wonders. I use the oil on my skin after my shower also.

Kaytland Smith
Great deal for fantastic soap!

My kids are monsters and seem to destroy bars of soap (half convinced they are deconstructing the soap as some sort of tub-time game), so having a “cheaper” alternative is a blessing. They get a high quality, non-irritating, beautiful smelling soap while I can save a dollar or two. I still buy the perfect bars for the guests space, but for my little soap-eating-monsters a wonky bar does the trick!

Wonky beauty!

Yes same great soap and will be buying again. Love this stuff and love its local from NS. :)

Heather Manuel
I LOVE this soap!

I bought the pet soap, winter soap and a bar of baby soap for my expected granddaughter. I've tried the pet soap and it works well! I prefer it over the cheapy liquid shampoo.
The winter soap is amazing on my skin! I love it. Lightly scented and so hydrating. I will be buying more soon.
These were cheaper wonky bars but I thought they looked fine.

Jim B
Wonky Bars..Same great product at a better price

Really like the bars. Great smell and makes my skin feel better than usually soap. Using your soap seems to help keep my skin from drying out as much as usual, a real advantage as we get into colder Canadian weather.