Wonky Bars ~ Same great quality, wonky look & low price!

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Wonky Soap

It may look wonky but it is the same great product for a lower prices 💜

Good evening Sheena,

Thank you for your review of our Wonky Bars ;-)

I like to think of the wonky bars like people - we're all unique, and it's our differences that make this world so wonderful <3

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Be Well,

Anna & the Soap Pro Team

Wonky Bars

Love the wonky bars....peppermint and lavender .... Bang for you buck but mostly O Love the feel of the soap and the slightly unperfect shape and size ...just like me far from PERFECT!!

Hi Christine,

It's amazing how the 'faults' can really be the beauty isn't it? We have a saying here in the shop 'what - you're human, too?!' when someone needs a pick me up and encouragement, because we're all far from perfect, too!

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All the best, be well,

Anna and the Soap Pro Team