One of Each Scent ~ 350g Laundry Powder Kraft Bag Combo ~ Unscented, Citrus, Be Mine, Lavender, Acadian Forest

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Melissa Hyde
Laundry Powder

I haven't tried them all yet. Wash my bedding in the lavender. So far they are doing super at getting all my laundry clean. I like the fact there is zero plastic and made with ingredients that are better for me and the environment, including the scents.

Karen Penny
Wonderful laundry detergent!

Developed an allergy to perfume and perfumed products midlife. Purchased the variety pack to try, also to share with others. Not one of the scents causes a reaction, have not even opened the unscented package. As a detergent alone, very little is required, less than a tablespoon, and it truly cleans the clothes.
Also tried your lavender candle (it did not bring tears!), and your 3 in 1 Soap is a hit with both my husband and I.
Wonderful products and scents without the chemicals! Thank you!

Susan Mallette
The soap that everyone likes!

I walk with a group of women everyday. Our subjects of conversation range from our immediate environment to solving the world problems. Over the course of a year I convinced 3 of my walking companions to try the soap and now they are loyal purchasers of The Soap Company product.
Also the soap is amazing on fishing clothes. I’ve washed fishing clothes for 40 years and could never get them as clean as I can get them by washing them in the Soap Company soap! Thanks for such a great product.

Good Afternoon Susan,

Wow! You are such a Soap Star!! Thank you for not only trusting us with your clothing, but also sharing the soapy love with others <3

To be a fly on the wall of those conversations! Especially after the isolation many faced this past year, it makes my heart happy to think of a group of people walking and talking :) I have no doubt you'll solve some of those problems, too!

Please check your email for a coupon code from us to thank you for your review!

Be Well,

Anna & the Soap Pro Team

Lori Spinks
So Happy

I’m so impressed with the quality of this product and how clean my clothes were after just a small amount.

Hello Lori,

Thank you so much for your review of our Choice Laundry Powder <3

Happy people and clean clothes are two of our favorite things!

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Be well,
Anna and the Soap Pro Team

Kelley Murphy
Great stuff!

I was already using your laundry detergent but was hard to find in stores so it was sporadic. My order came within 3 days - impressive. I gave a bag to a friend of mine and she loves it too now so think you've got another customer. The only thing on my wishlist would be that what you send would be in the little paper bags that you have instead of the plastic bags it came in. More eco friendly and then they would make great little gifts for friends. Thanks very much for the little sample cream that was included. Very nice cream. My favourite scents are the Be Mine and Acadian Forest but all are nice. I haven't tried the stain bar yet but sure it will be good. Keep up the good work. I wish everyone would switch to this detergent and stop with the big plastic laundry jugs that mostly just go in the landfills. I don't really think they get recycled at all but not sure on that. Your detergent works just as well if not better. Do you sell your products in any major grocery stores? I also bought the Acadian Forest Essential oils and use it in my diffuser. It is heavenly!

Hi Kelley,

What an amazing number of points you've raised! This is going to be a long reply, please bare with me as I try to address each of them:)

Thank you for your review and testament to our Choice Laundry Powder, and thanks for sharing the soapy love by sharing with a friend as well What a Soap Star!! We love hearing how people are using their essential oils, too! Another customer shared she puts a few drops on her wool dryer balls!

We hear you about the packaging. We are constantly striving to improve our packaging to be as local and recyclable/compostable/reusable as possible. The plastic bags for the Choice Laundry Powder are recyclable (we use those instead of paper bags because paper is a rip hazard and allows the essential oils to dissipate). The paper looking barrier bags are lined with plastic, require additional shipping (to us), and are not recyclable. We are actively seeking a replacement for the barrier bags that is either reusable or recyclable. We ran into some supply challenges due to covid 19's impacts to the supply chain, which have been incredible to work through! The combo for the laundry powder in the barrier bags will be back on the website soon, likely this week, and there will be options for a combo (one of each scent), or 5 packages all of the same scent (for folks that love a certain scent, but want the option of gifting from their combo as well)!

Our products are sold in most of the Sobeys stores in Nova Scotia, in addition to many other retail locations. Please see the full list of Nova Scotia locations, for the most convenient one for you. While not all of our products are carried in all stores, our Citrus, Lavender and Unscented laundry powder are carried in each of the Sobeys stores with our products. For Be Mine and Acadian Forest Choice Laundry Powders, if you'd let us know which of the other stores are closest to you, we can let you know who carries them :)

Thank you for being the best part of what we do Kelley. We appreciate every suggestion and feedback, and look forward to growing stronger and more sustainable through feedback from amazing customers such as yourself :)

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Be Well, Anna and The Soap Pro Team