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The best

This is the best soap I've ever used, the fact that I can you do my hair and shave with it as well is awesome

Three-in-one is Number one!

A great product which accomplishes all it advertises. Great for hair and skin. I have not used it for shaving yet but it lathers great and leaves your skin so soft and clean, I am sure it would result in a great shave as well! It is a regular purchase of mine and the ease of border/air travel makes it even more valuable. Try it, you will not be disappointed!

Save 50% ~ Wonky Bars ~ Same great quality with a wonky look!
Kaytland Smith
Great deal for fantastic soap!

My kids are monsters and seem to destroy bars of soap (half convinced they are deconstructing the soap as some sort of tub-time game), so having a “cheaper” alternative is a blessing. They get a high quality, non-irritating, beautiful smelling soap while I can save a dollar or two. I still buy the perfect bars for the guests space, but for my little soap-eating-monsters a wonky bar does the trick!


This is the only laundry powder we use! It not only cleans our laundry and does not irritate anyone’s skin or acne issues, its brightens! We have terrible water that I find stains things over time to a slight yellow. Since switching to TSCONS laundry powder our clothes are brighter and whites are crisp again. Acadian forest is a personal fav smell (but I do use them all) and freshens up the laundry space while in use. HIGHLY RECOMMEND

i dont like writing reviews

but i am happy with my purchase

Save 50% ~ Wonky Bars ~ Same great quality with a wonky look!
Wonky beauty!

Yes same great soap and will be buying again. Love this stuff and love its local from NS. :)

Save 50% ~ Wonky Bars ~ Same great quality with a wonky look!
Heather Manuel
I LOVE this soap!

I bought the pet soap, winter soap and a bar of baby soap for my expected granddaughter. I've tried the pet soap and it works well! I prefer it over the cheapy liquid shampoo.
The winter soap is amazing on my skin! I love it. Lightly scented and so hydrating. I will be buying more soon.
These were cheaper wonky bars but I thought they looked fine.

Save 50% ~ Wonky Bars ~ Same great quality with a wonky look!
Jim B
Wonky Bars..Same great product at a better price

Really like the bars. Great smell and makes my skin feel better than usually soap. Using your soap seems to help keep my skin from drying out as much as usual, a real advantage as we get into colder Canadian weather.

Love them all!

I got 1kg bags of all the scents (and unscented). Fave by far is the Be Mine Patchouli though we love them all! Clothes are cleaner, brighter and fresher. And my laundry room smells divine! I like doing the bedding in Lavender to promote sleeping, our face masks in unscented, my hubbies really smelly work stuff in Acadian Forest, kitchen towels/cloths in citrus and all my laundry in Be Mine. Next time I will be buying jumbo bags of my faves! I use about a tbsp per load because I have 3 boys and lots of smelly laundry

Winter can be brutal

I rely on the Soap Company products to get me through the harsh winter weather of Ontario. Desperately hoping that Leigh will be able to rebuild her wonderful business.

Save 50% ~ Wonky Bars ~ Same great quality with a wonky look!
Anita Tompkins
The best soap ever!

I have multiple synthetic allergies and getting vaccinated has put me into reaction so I am unable to use any of my regular products. I turned to the Nova Scotia Soap Company in hopes that I would find a natural product that I wouldn't react to. Success! Thank you so much for this wonderful product that doesn't break me out in a rash or sores and take care of all of my hygiene needs including my hair. I will be back for more! Your customers service is A-1 :)

Save 50% ~ Wonky Bars ~ Same great quality with a wonky look!
Jen Worden

First time buyer. Loved the scents, the 3-in-1 aspect and pretty packaging plus you can't beat the price. Love the wonky bars!

Love it!

Quite simply the best hand cream I have used. Only a little needed. Highly recommend :)

Liked it a lot

Long lasting, nice but not overpowering scent! Great local high value product!

They are Christmas gifts will give you a review in New Year

Happy Honey Pet Shampoo ~ Unscented, No Gluten, No Nuts

Wonderful candles

Natural candles made well. Thanks! And thanks for offering unscented :)

New to Shampoo Bars

I love the scents and the lather these bars have.

Best ever

Best dog shampoo I have ever used and I have used a lot! I will never use anything else now! So sorry to hear of the fire and hope all are safe and you will be up and running soon!

Excellent dog shampoo for a great smelling pooch!

My puppy was STINKY from rolling in the mud. This shampoo lathers so well, and took away her stink. Leaves her coat silky soft too! Highly recommend!!
PS I don't use toxins on my dogs. This is natural AND works better than the bottle of chemicals at the pet store.

Good evening, Sonia!

Awwww what a sweet doggie Lucy-Loo is :-) We are so glad our Happy Honey pet Shampoo did the trick & thank you SO much for sharing the photo! I wonder what she was thinking when you took it :-)

Please check your email for a gift from us to thank you!

Be well,
Leigh & the Soap Pro Team :-)

1 bar to rule them all!

1 bar of soap has replaced several plastic bottles! And it's amazing how much lather can be generated particularly with hair washing. Totally sold on this product. And for me I'm buying local.

Oh gosh, bye bye to allll that plastic, yeah!!! Thank you so much for sharing your review here, Fraser! I'm doing a happy dance to know that our 3-in-1 bars are working so well for you :-)

Please keep an eye on your email for a little present from us to thank you . . . happy shampooing!

Have a wonderful evening & be well,
Leigh & the Soap Pro team <3

Love it.

Smells great. A little goes a long way!

Good evening, Donna,

Thank you so much for sharing your review about our Choice Laundry Powder! Our goal is for folks to have great products that go further & it's so wonderful to know it does both for you :-)

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All the best & be well,
Leigh & the Soap Pro team <3

Honey & Oat Soap & 100% Natural Moisturizer ~ Cold Weather Skin Care Combo
Loving this soap!

Would highly recommend and will be purchasing again for sure :)
Gotta LOVE local

Oh Kim, I am so happy that our winter skin care combo is working well for you . . . thank you so much for sharing your thoughts here :-) The Honey & Oatmeal soap is my personal favourite & the bar that started this whole journey . . . kinda like food for our skin!

Please check your email for a little something from us to thank you.

Have a beautiful evening & be well,
Leigh & the Soap Pro team <3

Love your products! The last order is all for Christmas stocking stuffers so I haven’t used them yet 😀. Will review in the New Year!

Oh wow, Sandy!!!

You are a super soap star! Not only are you sharing your thoughts in a review, you are sharing our products for Christmas. Thank you so much!!!

It's our turn to send you a wee treat :-) Please keep an eye on your email for a little something to say thanks!

Have a beautiful evening & be well,
Leigh & the Soap Pro team <3