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Laundry soap

So I decided to venture out and try all of the different scents of this laundry. I have always purchased the citrus version only and loved it so I am sure I will love all the other scents just as much. Love how clean and fresh the laundry comes out

Essential Oil Shampoo, Shave & Soap Bar ~ ‘Be Mine’ (patchouli) & Atlantic Sea WTee

I absolutely love the ‘Be Mine’ soap!! I love the smell and how my body feels after bathing with it. I highly recommend trying it, you will love it too.

Smelled Amazing

The candle was absolutely delightful. It smelled amazing and burned very nicely . I enjoyed it a lot. It was a very relaxing scent and I would recommend.

Honey & Oat Soap & 100% Natural Moisturizer ~ Cold Weather Skin Care Combo

By far the best face cream!

I stopped using all other face products. This cream is by far the best I've ever used. It came as a "gift" when I bought the 5-pack of Be Mine laundry soap. Once I tried it, I was hooked. It's all natural and it's the best. I just love it. Thank you Soap Company of Nova Scotia for the gift! I've since bought more.

Amazing fragrance!

I haven't even lit the wick yet and I am already enjoying the subtle fragrance when I walk in to the living room.

Love Be Mine cream

Such a nice smell and lasting moisturizer that is not greasy. Helps my psoriasis on my hands too. I am sold!


The peppermint oil drops were a beautiful addition to my self care collection.

Peaceful and calming. I enjoy them very much and definitely recommend everyone adding them to their self care Inventory.

I gave this to my sister as a gift. She loved the smell and how clean it burned.

This is terrific!!!

We were flying to Cuba, but we are from Newfoundland. Purchased this product from the duty free store in Halifax Airport, I like to support local. This beautiful and wonderful bath soak is the best!! Our skin from the salt water and sun needed care, this did it!! Will purchase more!! Thank You!!

A staple for us

We love this soap in the shower and at the sink at home and at the cottage!!
A nice gentle fragrance, lathers well and rinsed clean.

A must for winter

Or any time of the year. As a diabetic I have dry dry skin and rough elbows hands (especially) and heels. This little container keeps all those places soft even in the deep of winter. Soaks in quickly.

Laundry Powder

I haven't tried them all yet. Wash my bedding in the lavender. So far they are doing super at getting all my laundry clean. I like the fact there is zero plastic and made with ingredients that are better for me and the environment, including the scents.

Cocoa Butter Moisture Bar ~ Essential Oil, No Gluten, No Nuts

Love this Zero Waste local laundry powder!

Only a small amount is needed for each load and it leaves my clothes smelling nice & fresh. I really love this product and I highly recommend it to anyone.
Thanks The Soap Company of Nova Scotia for making this product.

Be Mine

Love the face and body moisturizer! The smell is light and refreshing. My skin thanks you!


I have developed an allergy to perfumed products ie chemical scents. Your candle does not cause issues, love having a scent that does not instigate coughing or irritated eyes. Thank you!

The Products of The Soap Company of Nova Scotia

The Face, Hand & Body Moisturizer—-Acadian Forest Essential Oils—100% Natural, Gluten-free, Nut-free is the best moisturizer I have ever used. I love the smell of the Acadian Forest scent. My co-workers have enjoyed using my moisturizer also❤️ I would recommend ALL of your products!!

Peppermint Foot Soak

The soak feels so good at the end of the day and smells wonderful. Just like a spa soak but in the privacy of your home.

More time

Need more time using your product before I give a review, another couple months I could a review. Thanks

Soap bar

I love the soap bar! The soap is not irritating to the skin and I feel really clean after bathing. I highly recommend this soap!


Helps me relax on a busy day. Gives me that special feeling after being lit for a while.

BEST soap Honey & Oatmeal

I have sensitive skin, and haven't had any recent issues since using the honey & oatmeal soap! I swear my skin has gotten softer, smoother and brighter! The oatmeal acts like little exfoliating masters taking away all the dead skin, leaving behind perfectly balanced hydrated skin! Commit to a bar and you will not be disappointed! What was I even doing before I discovered the Nova Scotia Soap Company?!