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head to toe patchouli oil

This oil is a must with this winter weather. Moisturizes and leaves your skin so soft . I love this oil!

Save 50% with Wonky Bars!
Kathy MacDonald
wonky soap bars

Love my patchouli wonky soap bars! I will definitely be ordering more.

Laundry Powder ~ Citrus
Heather Burlingham

Haven't used it yet

Nothing else!

Have been using the unscented laundry powder for at least a decade. We would not use anything else. It has saved my skin from harsh reaction from scented products.


It’s wonderful. My poor feet have been suffering and from my first soak, improvement is happening.

My favourite laundry soap

So happy for the bulk purchase option, as this is by far my favourite laundry soap. The smell is wonderful and its cleaning power is great.

Fabulous Stain Remover

After trying our this special soap, I purchased one for my four daughters. We all love this
Product because it works!

The ONLY laundry powder my husband will use!

My hubby actually does our laundry. And he is a super-fan of everything - but especially the laundry powder (and the deodorants, he swears by). I LOVE that he does the laundry - so I happily keep him stocked up :) It's a win-win!

Wonderful Wonkies!

I love this soap company. Their soap bars whether they are normal or wonky are lovely. I just gave away some for Christmas gifts and I also included them in some Christmas Hampers. Everyone loved all the different scents. I am also very happy to support a Canadian Company! I will certainly be ordering more when I run out.
Happy New Year :)

Awesome product

I was actually given a bos of laundry soap to try. I couldn't believe that so little soap would wash a load of clothes properly. The clothes came beautiful and clean. I will never waste money on my old laundry detergent again.

Laundry powder

Very satisfied with this product. It leaves a fresh and subtle scent to your laundry. Not to strong!

Laundry Powder ~ Citrus
Judy Dauphinee
Pure and Simple

We are very conscientious in our household about creating a healthy and safe environment for our family. After trying multiple eco friendly detergents I was thrilled to find the Citrus Laundry Powder. It is easy to use, and our laundry is always clean with a lemon fresh smell … pure and simple!

Candle ~ Acadian Forest
Connie MacLean
Buy these wonderful candles!

The candles arrived as described, in a neat jar with a nice classic black lid and a subtle transparent logo on the side.. The jar is full of great smelling wax and the cotton wick is a welcomed healthy option. Burns slowly and cleanly and right to the very bottom of the jar. No waste!. The scent is gentle and pleasant and nice when you walk into the room or come in from outside. ( I am burning one in my kitchen right now ). I had ordered three Acadian Forest and am on my last one ; I will be back for more!. Thank you to the Soap Company of Nova Scotia for offering online shopping, shipping to my home and a massive selection of products and scents.

Laundry Powder ~ Unscented

Great Product

I purchased the Deodorant ~ Unscented for Sensitive Skin for my 89 year old mother as the scented deodorant was dying out her underarms. It is working perfectly on her. It does not dry out her skin and works as deodorant should. It is such a great product.

love it!!!

it works for both of us and it has no scent. the small one is really handy to travel with , too!


Absolutely love this deodorant, will use it forever!

Deodorant ~ Unscented
Stephanie Costain
Love it!

I was doubtful that a natural deodorant would work all day for me, especially an unscented one. To my surprise, I LOVE this product!!! No clumping nor residue. I highly recommend people give it a try.

Wool Dryer Balls

Most dryer balls are plain but this one comes with love. Great product & with a few lavender essential drops your laundry is complete!

Thank you so much for your review of our dryer balls Annelie,

We are beyond grateful to carry these beauties to share with customers such as yourself while supporting fair trade practices <3 Win, Win, Win!

Please check your email for a thank you from us :)

Be well,


Laundry Powder ~ Unscented

Stumbled upon this brand in a local artisan shop and had to order a bigger batch as soon as I ran out of the powder. Love that a little goes a long way, natural product, septic friendly and the personal note on the receipt. Wouldn’t buy any other detergent but the above mentioned! I’m hooked.

Good afternoon A :)

Thank you for your support and review! We are so grateful you love our laundry powder as much as we do!

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Be well,

Anna & The Soap Pro Team

Great value- the best laundry soap

Family of 5, lots of laundry with kids. I love how well this detergent works. The largest bulk size lasts my family a year. (We do a large amount of laundry). Zero waste. So awesome! Works for all types of loads and does not bother my family's sensitive skin. Highly recommend!

Save my skin

I've been using these products since 2012. I suffered from plaque psoriasis and it was getting worse. Prescription creams weren't helping. Thankfully for me, Leigh's products came to the rescue. My favourite bars are lavender, honey and pat and cocoa butter.

This is my boyfriend’s absolutely favourite product. To have him switch to this is huge, he isn’t one to try new things, he’s extremely picky and skeptical of new and natural things but once he likes something he tells everybody about it!

A great Christmas scent all year round.

Lovely and soothing.