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Lovely Lavender

This is a very nice lavender EO. I highly recommend it to those who love this fragrance. I have been using it on the dryer balls and it is probably one of the best Lavender EO's that I have used.

Be Mine

This is my favorite EO. Our whole family is in LOVE with this wonderful smell.
Thank you for making such amazing products!

Natural Deodorant

I am actually in awe of this product at how well it works. So happy I found you folks. You have me as a client for life!

Stain remover hand laundry dishes soap

does a nice job with removing stains on clothes, doing dishes with this hand soap is a different experience than I'm used to so a learning curve is needed here but I must say that the dishes are well washed and have no soap taste, Yay! This soap does not irritate my hands.

laundry powder soap

I have just started using this laundry soap for the past 2 weeks, I am extremely pleased with how white my husband's undershirts come out of the wash. I use only the 1tsp. per load. I am very pleased with this product and when I have used it for a longer period will review again to let you know if my skin condition is improving, it seems promising at this writing. Thank you for a great product!


It’s lovely to hear that our Laundry Detergent is working well for you! We are all hoping it helps with your skin condition! Everyone deserves to feel great in their skin!

It’s our pleasure to create these products for all out customers—- thank you for using our products!!

Be Well

Wool Dryer Balls
Louise Richard

these dryer balls are well made and much larger than the ones that I have had. they do a great job!


It’s wonderful to hear the dryer balls exceeded your expectations!! 100% wool, 100% compostable, Fair trade product and supporting women and children around the world .. It’s a win win win with these :)

Be Well

Shampoo soap

My husband and I tried the shampoo soap shave bar yesterday for the first time. We couldn’t get over how our hair squeaked after. So clean. Amazing product! We are fans. 😊


Squeaky clean hair is a lovely feeling! So glad it would out well for you both!!
How luck are we to have fans like you

Be Well

Save up to 57% on Wonkies!
S. Anderson and Jay B
Love the Wonkies!

We bought a few of the wonky soap bars and love them. The lavender bar is beautiful with little lavender blossoms throughout the bar and such a lovely scent. Works well too! We also bought the cocoa butter, lemon scrub, honey and oats, and the peppermint bars. They all look lovely and the peppermint bar in particular smells wonderful and fresh. We are saving these bars to give away as gifts to family and friends in other provinces to show off a great, natural Nova Scotia product. Buying the wonky bars means the soap is very affordable and we added them to a larger order that included the shampoo bar, the stain remover bar, deodorant, laundry powder and wonkies - basically a $100 purchase for all our soap needs for a year!


We are so happy to hear you love our bars! The Wonky Bars are a great way to get our bars for a bit of a savings because of their unique look. They are the same amazing formula just different look! Each of our bars, wonky and regular, are made with water from the Atlantic Ocean. We collect the water at a local beach!!
Thanks for the support and for spreading the joy of our products!!

Be well

Deodorant ~ Acadian Forest
S. Anderson and Jay B
Excellent alternative to standard deodorants

We had been looking for an effective alternative to both standard stick deodorants and other more natural, cream-based deodorants. We are really pleased with this product. It applies easily; it isn't sticky; and it doesn't leave a stain. We haven't tried it yet when doing a really physical work out but for daily use, the deodorant works very well. Moreover, the Acadian Forest scent is lovely and fresh and works well as a scent for both men and women. We bought the 3-pack for the savings but also to give one to our daughter who was eager to use a local, natural product too.


It’s so lovely to hear that our deodorant is what you’ve been looking for! Acadian Forest is a lovely scent too! What a great idea to get the savings and share the products!!

Be Well

Laundry Powder ~ Citrus
S. Anderson and Jay B
Fantastic local product

We bought the citrus laundry powder (950gr box) and after a couple of loads, we have been very happy with the results. We have a high efficiency washer and as we only need to use 1-2 tsp per load, the 950gr box will last us at least a full year. I dissolved the powder first in warm water before putting it in the soap tray. Not sure if this step was necessary but it worked well and our clothes were certainly clean after the wash cycle. We have also already bought some laundry powder for our kids who are away at University. Finally, it is fantastic to have our laundry powder in a compostable cardboard box and to say good-bye to plastic bottles.


Our laundry is magical! A little goes a very long way!! Your idea to mix with warm water first is brilliant, so happy it works for you!

Be well

Great shampoo and no plastic!

We had been looking for an effective shampoo bar for a while and were happy to find this one with natural ingredients and is locally made. The shampoo bar lathered well and works like any other liquid shampoo (although this one better for you!). So happy to shift away from shampoos in plastic bottles and be able to use a great local substitute product.

Hey There!

We are so happy to hear the shampoo bar checks the boxes for you! Everyone deserves to feel great in their skin— and hair!!

Be well

Stain remover bar gets out stubborn stains

I had an opportunity to really test this stain remover when my daughter brought me her white sweatpants with a blood stain. I am happy to say that the stain remover got the blood stain out easily much to her surprise. With a busy family of 5 plus 2 cats and a kitten, we have lots of times when a good stain remover bar is essential!

Hey !

We are so glad that the Stain Bar helped out with your messy situation and that you have it on hand for any further needs!

Check your email for a coupon code from us :)

Be Well

Lavender laudry soap

Can wait to order lots of oil

Hey There

Thanks for you review of our Head to Toe oils! We love how they help us feel great in our skin. Glad it’s helping you too!!

Check your email for a coupon code from us:)

Be Well

Great for gifts!

I love the laundry powder so much that I regularly buy these smaller boxes to keep on hand for gifts to my children along with a shampoo/ soap bar. (I package the gifts up in a re-useable produce bag from Sobey's.)

I love that it is unscented and works well but only needs a few teaspoons per load so a small box lasts longer than a big jug from the grocery store. And I no longer need to throw away those big plastic jugs, which made me cringe. I live right on the ocean so a clean detergent, which I don't need too much of, is very important to me. Thanks for helping Nova Scotia's oceans and relieving my laundry stress.


Thank you for your support! We think they are wonderful gifts too! Our Oceans are very important to us as well and hold a piece of our heart! Did you know that some of our products are made with water from the Atlantic Ocean? Including your bars of soap and the laundry powder!

Please check your email for a coupon code from us!

Be well


My little white dog became dingy over the winter. Used this to give her a thorough wash. She came out a beautiful soft shiny white, smelling lovely... in just one bath! She did not mind her bath at all, didn't squirm when washing her muzzle and close to her eyes. The bar was bit awkward to use though, a liquid pet soap would be perfect!

Heyah Sharon!

So glad your puppy enjoyed their bath! Our fur babies deserve to feel great in their skin too. Thanks for the tip of a liquid pet shampoo, we will keep this in our mind for possible future products ;)

Check your email for a coupon code from us!

Be Well

Best soap ever

I have been using this soap for a couple of years now. I started using it because I have skin issues and scent sensitivity. I was so happy to find a soap I can use daily and not have any problems at all! I hope this soap is around for a long time!

Hello Theresa!

We are THRILLED to know our soup helps you feel great in your skin!! We hope to keep you and your skin happy for many years to come:)

Check your email for a coupon code from us

Be Well

This stuff is unreal.

I thought deodorant that you put on with your hands would be weird, but it's so good. It goes on smoothly, no white marks, and it's easy to use just the right amount.

Hey Lauren!

Thanks for taking a chance for change with our deodorant! So glad you are loving it!

Check your email for a coupon code from us :)

Be Well


Love this head to toe oil smells amazing but subtle and makes my skin feel great.. will buy again!

Laundry Detergent

Just got my shipment of Laundry detergent from The Soap Company of Nova Scotia plus a bar of stain remover and a free face & body cream.
Total was $105.78
Sounds expensive?

Work it out: laundry det is $45.79 & 13.80 HST x 2 bags that will last me more than a year equals around $10 a month.

Environmentally friendly, only two small clear plastic bags as waste. No chunky plastic bottles to lug or dispose of.
I'm supporting a Local product and don't get rashes or reactions like I do with more traditional detergents.
Highly recommend their products!

Hello Ronna!

Thank you so much for your support and for all that math you did for us!! We are so happy to hear your skin is healthy and happy! We believe that everyone should feel great in their skin :)

Please check your email for a coupon code from us:)

Be Well

Great product

I use this as a shampoo bar and love how well it cleanses hair. Intend to use it as shampoo and soap while camping or sailing.

Hey Barbara

Thanks for your review of our 3-in-1 bars. They will be perfect for camping and sailing! Those sound like such amazing adventures! We are happy to tag along ;)

Check your email for a coupon code from us

Be Well
Meg & The Soap Pros

Scent your own laundry!

I love natural products and supporting local small businesses, that's why I like this company. They keep things simple and it is local from Sherbrooke Nova Scotia.
I buy the unscented laundry powder and then I add my favourite essential oil to the washing machine.
Sometimes I'm in the mood for Ylang Ylang, and for the stinky dirty kid socks load I go with a refreshing peppermint.
Highly recommend using the soap this way - it keeps laundry interesting and your clothes can smell exactly the way you want them to :0)

Hello Myste!

What a wonderful idea of how to keep laundry fun !! We have some lovely blends of essential oils that you can add as well like our Be Mine Patchouli or Citrus (which is my favourite for my laundry!!)

Please check your email for a coupon code as a thank you from us:)

Be Well
Megan & The Soap Pro Team


My g/f bought me a dozen bars in September after being given a bar from a hair dresser and loving it. I have 2.5 bars left now. I havent used shampoo or any other soap since. I absolutely love it and recommend it to anyone. Coming for 2kg next trip.

Hey S.S

Thanks so much for your continued use! We love making products to help people feel great in their skin!
Please check your email for a coupon code as a thank you!

Be Well
Megan & The Soap Pro Team

Best detergent ever!

I have been having issues with itchy skin and decided to give this product a go, and I will truly never go back. I love how a little goes a long way. I want to try the patchouli scent next :)
Thanks for creating such an awesome product

Hiya Lindsay

Itchy skin can be so horrible— we are glad to be part of the remedy and help you feel great in your skin!! Can’t wait to hear your review on the patchouli scent :)

Check your email for a coupon code as a thank you for the wonderful review

Be well
Megan & The Soap Pro Team

Wise one

I use this one primarily on my face and neck. It makes my skin feel nourished and firm. And again, love the unscented

Hi Kim

Thank you for your kinds words and review! It makes us happy to know you and your skin is happy <3

Be Well
Megan & The Soap Pro Team

Face and body cream

This is the only cream I’ll ever use again. I have both the scented and unscented, depending on my mood. My skin thanks you

Hey Kim

Different scents for different moods- LOVE IT!!
Glad you feel great in your skin!!

Megan & The Soap Pro Team