Our PACTS ~ Core Values 

  1. Positivity ~ Products made with love conscious thought about who will use them, the effects they can have the contentment they can create
  2.  Accessibility ~ Products that are affordable for regular, ongoing use, easy to get locally, nationally internationally
  3. Community ~ Respect support for all of the people who use, share, sell, provide goods or services, organizations in our wider community, the Soap Pros who make it all possible . . . these relationships are the bedrock of The Soap Company of Nova Scotia Ltd. The red heart used to join the text 'Grandbaby-tested' with 'Nana-approved!' The red heart used to join the text 'Grandbaby-tested' with 'Nana-approved!' The red heart used to join the text 'Grandbaby-tested' with 'Nana-approved!'
  4. Trust ~ Products you can trust that have honest, complete plain language ingredient lists, which are made in an environmentally conscious way
  5. Simplicity ~ Products made packaged by the KISS principle (keep it simple silly!), in small batches with all bars hand stirred poured . . . a key energy connection between makers users :-)

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Your satisfaction is SO important we offer you a 100% guarantee! The only thing we ask is to understand what went wrong. That way we can learn & grow, while at the same time making it right.