April 2022 Notice 

This program is super-fresh & will benefit from testing. We would love, love, love input from you  the folks who work with you on your campaign about what went well, what could be improved whatever we have missed.

How to get started?

Please fill out the form at the bottom of this page. Thank you so much for thinking of having our products help your organization reach it's goal!

How does it work?

1. You set the time frame to conduct the fundraiser (note: less time is better, as it increases the urgency  & may feel less cumbersome for the volunteers collecting orders.)
2. We will send you a number of hard copy, full colour catalogue/order forms.
3. You will also have a link to download & print additional forms, if needed.
4. You collect 100% of each order & send it to us along with the order forms. 
5. Payment is to be sent by email transfer to payments@soapnovascotia.com.
6. We will ship all of the items ordered to you along with bags for you to separate the orders into.
7. We will send your portion (40% before HST) when the order is shipped to you.
8. Shipping on orders in the Martimes will be free on total orders of $500 (before HST).
9. Shipping on orders of less than $500 in the Maritimes will be $25 plus HST = $28.75
10. The minimum total orders required for the fund raising activity is $250, which will earn the organization $71.25 (40% = $100 - $28.75 shipping)
11. For comparison, total orders of $500 will earn the organization $200.

How do we support the sellers?

1. We can hold a Zoom call with the selling team to answer their questions & help describe the products
2. We're also also thinking about how we can positively motivate the volunteers to make sales & for buyers to buy . . . more on this when we've had a chance to think 🙂
3. It's best if you set a goal for the entire campaign & break that down into how many sales/dollars per person.