From our hands to many . . . On May 17, 2019 we officially launched our "Be a Soap Star" Program via a 30-day social media campaign. This long-planned initiative has, at its heart, our value of accessibility to move products from our hands to many, while creating contentment for all . . . 

Why? The specific goal of this program is to put personal and home care products into the hands of folks whose day-to-day circumstances are difficult. In particular, people who rely on community centers such as  shelters and food banks for basic needs.

Where? It is important for this program to be scalable and sustainable over the long term in order to ensure a maximum number of people are helped. So, we will roll it out carefully close to home in order to learn as we go. Our initial focus will be on providing products to organizations in Antigonish, New Glasgow and Truro, plus our closest village of Sherbrooke. 

What? It is also crucially important that we listen in order to understand what is really needed. We want to make a positive difference in people's lives by providing products that they can use.

How? We are blessed to have received an initial donation equal to 200 bars of soap from Danny Corriveau, which by June 3, 2019 was increased by $754 through the 30-day launch campaign. Through that we donated $1 for every tag folks made on our daily video posts on Facebook and Instagram. Over time we will design other ways for individuals and corporations to donate to the program to ensure its effectiveness and sustainability.

When? The launch campaign ends at the middle of June, 2019. Once it is wrapped up we will be in touch with the organizations indicated above to find out what they need, and expect to do the initial distribution of products in July.

Who? This is the most important part of this whole effort . . . the "Who". Every single thing we do is all about people.

  • The people who supply us and sell our products.
  • The people who make the products.
  • The people who use our products. 

As this program grows the impacts will increase and we are excited to see how big a difference we can make in three ways: 

  1. How content people feel in their own skin, regardless their circumstances
  2. How many jobs we can create here on our beautiful Eastern Shore
  3. How much economic development we can contribute toward the goals in the ONE Nova Scotia Report

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