Laundry Powder ~ Unscented

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Laundry Powder ~ Unscented

Laundry Powder ~ Unscented

Stumbled upon this brand in a local artisan shop and had to order a bigger batch as soon as I ran out of the powder. Love that a little goes a long way, natural product, septic friendly and the personal note on the receipt. Wouldn’t buy any other detergent but the above mentioned! I’m hooked.

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Mary Kate
Wouldn't use anything else!

I've been using your unscented laundry powder for years and wouldn't use anything else. It goes a long way, does a wonderful job, and I love that it's local. I bought a bag for each of my sons when they moved out!

Love this soap!

We've been using this soap for years, so easy and very effective! Love that it is truly unscented.

Bonnie Foster
Excellent laundry soap!

This is truly excellent soap! I am a massage therapist and bring home a load of oil-soiled sheets after every work day. I have used several different products in the past, but yours is truly fabulous with giving added life to my linens. The big bonuses are that you are a local-to-me company and use minimal packaging. Big wins for the planet! I am 100% sold and will continue to buy my laundry soap from you!

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