Happy Honey Pet Shampoo ~ Unscented, No Gluten, No Nuts

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Brigitte R.

Happy Honey Pet Shampoo ~ Unscented, No Gluten, No Nuts

Leslie Garber
Best ever

Best dog shampoo I have ever used and I have used a lot! I will never use anything else now! So sorry to hear of the fire and hope all are safe and you will be up and running soon!

Excellent dog shampoo for a great smelling pooch!

My puppy was STINKY from rolling in the mud. This shampoo lathers so well, and took away her stink. Leaves her coat silky soft too! Highly recommend!!
PS I don't use toxins on my dogs. This is natural AND works better than the bottle of chemicals at the pet store.

Good evening, Sonia!

Awwww what a sweet doggie Lucy-Loo is :-) We are so glad our Happy Honey pet Shampoo did the trick & thank you SO much for sharing the photo! I wonder what she was thinking when you took it :-)

Please check your email for a gift from us to thank you!

Be well,
Leigh & the Soap Pro Team :-)

Steven Hall
Happy Honey Pet Shampoo is a happy experience...

I had never thought to use a bar of soap on an animal. I am used to grabbing a bottle of pet shampoo at the pet store. I decided to try this Happy Honey Pet Shampoo bar. We have washed our two dogs twice with it now and are impressed - no skin irritations, no overpowering scents, lathers well, and it has hardly shrunk in size so it should last a loooong time. I popped it into a container and will snap on the cover once it dries out. They shipped it earth friendly, in a paper bag, no big shampoo bottle to throw away / try to recycle so the planet is also happy... almost as happy as Rio. See picture. He is also a fan!!

Good morning Steven (and Rio!!),

Thank you for your review of our Happy Honey Pet Shampoo <3

Rio sure is a handsome pup! Thank you for trusting us with your canines :)

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Be Well,

Anna & the Soap Pro Team

Colleen Stewart
The Best Dog Shampoo

This is absolutely the best shampoo for our dogs!! And we’ve tried all kinds including medicated shampoos from the vet. We have English bulldogs and they are known for skin issues. Since using this shampoo, their issues have abated substantially. They lose hair at times and this gentle shampoo has lessened their hair loss and has even encouraged new growth. It is extremely gentle on their skin and their fur is so shiny and soft. I absolutely LOVE this product for my dogs!! Highly recommend this product.