Canada Post Strike Impact on Delivery

Canada Post Strike Impact on Delivery

As a rural business Canada Post has been an incredibly important part of our customer service chain. We exclusively use Canada Post for all of our outgoing shipments and have based our free shipping levels on the rates we are charged by Canada Post. 

The current strike is out of our control and we are hoping that it will come to an end very soon. Last week we suspended shipments until there is a resolution. Our reason for doing that was to ensure that your parcels do not end up either in limbo sitting in a truck awaiting unloading, or worse, lost somewhere in the mass of parcels awaiting processing. One recent press release mentioned that 600 trucks were awaiting unloading!

Unfortunately, we have not been successful in finding a cost-effective alternative to Canada Post to date with which to ship your parcels during the strike. We are hopeful that, with the pending holiday shipping season, the strike will be brought to an end very soon (fingers crossed it is this week!).

In the meantime, we will continue to prepare your orders and hold them here until we are confident they will get to you successfully and in good shape.

We apologize for the delay and greatly, greatly appreciate your understanding that there is little we can do to fix this. Thank you so much for continuing to place orders with us and your confidence that we will, in time, get them to you.

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